Thursday, August 3, 2017

Successful Two Person Moltres Raid!

    Two players have successfully defeated a Moltres! I thought this was really cool so here is the video and a little about how it was accomplished.

     The two players who completed this feat in this video were  Vignan (Vignan89) and Kirija (KMeena9).

    Both players used six Golems with RockThrow and StoneEdge. Vignan89 is the player who's screen can be seen in the video, hes using not just 6 golems, but they are all 100% IV as well!

    Completing this video took a lot of sacrifices on the accounts of both players, 1,230,000 stardust and well over one thousand candies is what it takes to max 6 pokemon! That is a ton of resources alone when you consider that this lineup is specifically just for completing this type of a challenge! This line up will be useful just one more time for the release of Ho-oH(this is the last legendary to be release with a double weakness too rock type attacks)! But for this duo after completing their goal it was well worth it!

   More than this, it took even more preparation and work, simply getting all the candies needed to power up their teams was a lot of work! They used all of the Rare Candies that they had to power their teams up, as well as having to go out hunting for geodudes all day!

    This was an all day work to get this to finally be accomplished! The fight itself is already a very hard thing to accomplish with two players, but you also need to find a specific attack set on the raid boss(HeatWave). Then of course constant issues with lag and glitches make accomplishing something like this just insanely hard to do! You literally need everything to go just right and in the game of Pokemon Go I think we all know that can be very hard to find! Vignan89 said there was a ridiculous amount of times that they were timed out on!

A Little about these players

    Vignan89 and KMeena9 have been playing for a while together since being brought together through Pokemon Go in December. They have developed a very strong friendship through their time spent playing together(the friendships in this game in my opinion are one of the best parts of this game)! Vignan89 has been 40 for a while and recently in Chicago KMeena9 reached 40 and joined him as a max level Pokemon Player!

    After KMeena9 joining Vignan89 as a level 40 they set a new goal to focus their Pogo time on. Their goal was to be the first players to beat a Moltres with two players! After all they both have strong top sets of pokemon and needed a new goal! Well awesome job !

    These two players next goal will be to attempt Zapdos, which they are looking forward too next monday!


    I though this was really cool! Congratulations too these two players! I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did!

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