Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Prepare for Legendary raids!


   Legendary pokemon have been withheld for a long time with tons of speculation as to how or when they would be released. It is still speculation as to when they will be released, however we know that they will be released through the new gym raid system in the form of a Level 5 raid. This is already inside of the code so it could be released at any time. This guide will give you the best options to use against each legendary pokemon along with a short amount of information on why exactly it is the best choice. Since they haven't been released yet you can use the time up until that time to make sure that you are prepared to battle the strongest pokemon that we have seen yet!


    Mewtwo is my personal favorite pokemon since the 90's when I played pokemon red and blue on Game Boy, He also happens to be the most powerful of the legendary pokemon that will be released. He only has one true counter that is in the game and it happens to be a "hard counter"( this means he not only exploits weaknesses but he also has resistance, he also happens to be the most powerful pokemon we currently have access too based on his raw stats), that pokemon is Tyranitar.

    Tyranitar: Tyranitar is a Dark and Rock type pokemon, the Dark type is what grants him resistances to Mewtwo's typing, Psychic. Also Psychic type has a weakness to Dark types. 
    For this matchup you will want your Tyranitar to have Bite and Crunch, so both attacks are hitting for the weakness giving 1.4x damage. Many players looking at raw DPS numbers for Stone Edge and Crunch would simply think the much higher DPS of Stone Edge would make it an automatic choice. However that DPS number doesn't account for the practical damage you will actually be doing, there are many factors that make the actually DPS much lower than this deceptive number of simply the attack with its power with the attack of the Tyranitar over the time the attack takes to go through its animation. I wont go into long mathematical calculations, but I can give very simple examples so you will understand.

 Stone Edge:
   Upside: The raw damage of this move is about 68(before lost energy or practical DPS calculations, this is the damage of the move itself). It has a fast total animation time or cooldown(the time it takes before you can begin attacking or dodging again).

   Downsides: There are three main downsides that make this move inferior in several matchups.

 1. The first is quite simple, you can't currently get a double weakness exploit against anything(no rock fast + rock charge move, this would be insane though versus the double weaknesses of several of the legendary pokemon!), as there is no rock type charge move currently available for Tyranitar.

 2. This is a single bar move which has a ton of disadvantages, the main being lost energy (energy wont end up perfectly filling the 100 energy bar, this causes spill over energy or lost energy which brings DPS down in a constant DPS spread of Bite time to charge + Stone Edge time). This issue of "energy spillover" is massively aggravated by huge attacks that are dropped by raid bosses. Example: you're close to being charged when the boss launches an ultimate move, that massive amount of energy will now be lost. A move with two or three bars can constantly be kept at around or below 50% for a two bar, or 33% for a three bar. This issue can be mitigated by swapping to another Tyranitar before he is inside of a "death range"( a range that even dodging an attack will cause him to faint), you would need to time the charge move so that you drop the Stone Edge then immediately swap. This technique will minimize this lost energy however it wont make it nothing by any means. This is because when you're dropping the Stone Edge you will still be attacked, generating energy and your bar still wont fill perfectly. This technique also requires more Tyranitar(or whatever the pokemon required for the fight is), as you will be swapping them out with more life left over.

 3. Another reason or flaw in the 1 bar move is when your pokemon starts getting low on life or is knocked out, if you haven't just launched your attack all of that damage is lost. Fighting against a raid boss this is a scenario is likely to happen, especially against Mewtwo which has an attack stat that Dwarfs any pokemon that will be in the game. If its a Crunch you most likely lost less than 33 energy or you would have(or should have) dropped the energy already! This also is very likely to be a major factor sometimes in these fights, Mewtwo has Focus Blast as one of his 4 available moves, which Focus Blast on a Tier 3 Alakazam will already take out a Tyranitar in one hit if not dodged(so don't fail to dodge a Focus Blast from Mewtwo!). Even Dodging though you could be losing over a third of your life!(this will be determined by how much the legendary pokemon are scaled for tier 5 battles!)

   Upsides: In this fight there are multiple upsides taht more than make up for the low base damage of Crunch.

 1. Its a three bar move, which makes the only lost energy whatever is lost when your pokemon faints or is swapped(proper management would dictate under 33, in comparison to the full bar)

 2. Against Mewtwo this move Gets a damage multiplier which will bring up the actual damage youre doing.

 3. This move set is insanely good versus a psychic type raid boss, the huge power of Mewtwo will essentially leave you constantly spamming Crunch. This three bar move will be King versus  the single Psychic type of Mewtwo and his massive attack stat. You can see here this move versus the Psychic type raid boss Exeggutor in this solo fight, or go try it yourself!

    Conclusion: I'm only covering the best counters, in a fight versus Mewtwo, Tyranitar cant be matched, not even close. We have them as raid Bosses, so if you don't have him, go hunt him as a raid boss, 2097 is a 100%, if its close to this use Golden Berries, if its low I use Pinap berries to try to collect extra candies. Bite Crunch will be the go to for Mewtwo, Bite Stone Edge would be a second choice, by the end of this guide you will know you need both! So get a group and hunt some raid boss Tyranitar's before legendary pokemon drop!


   Ho-oH is the second largest base stat pokemon that will be available when legendary Pokemon are released. It is a flying and fire dual type pokemon. This double type gives us our best chance to defeat it because both fire and flying are weak against Rock type. This means Ho-oH has a double weakness, which in the Pogo games currently means Ho-oH will take 1.9X damage from this type of attack. That makes Rock type attacking pokemon the only choice for this legendary fight. This and the fact that Ho-oH has double resistances versus ground type attacks(so Rhydon will do next to nothing), leaves only a few options. In order of best choices, Tyranitar, Golem, Omastar.

 Tyranitar: He is resistant versus both the types that Ho-oH is, fire and flying. He also has Stone Edge, which with his attack stat and the double weakness the DPS of this move on Tyranitar is pushed over 130! Even with "spillover" and not getting weakness exploit with his primary, this combination can't be matched! The only Tyranitar to use in this match-up is Bite Stone Edge.

 Golem: A pitiful attack stat and base stats in comparison too Tyranitar makes him not a best choice to focus on. What he does bring to the table is resistant to both types of Ho-oH and double rock type attack sets.  Golem has to have Rock Throw as a primary, for charge moves Stone Edge or Rock Blast would be best. The two charge moves in practical wont make a huge difference as both are getting the double exploit in this match-up, I would personally just use whatever your Golem has or gets first of these two. The DPS of Rock Blast is much lower, but the same advantages besides the weakness exploit explained in the Mewtwo scenario are the same. Golem in a simple DPS spread with no damage energy calculation actually beats Tyranitar in a DPS spread. However in a practical this slightly higher DPS falls off due too a much lower Defense-HP balance and the reduction of fast move time for charge move time. He is a very viable choice for this fight and for Moltres, but why would you focus on a pokemon that will only be good for 2 of the legendary pokemon when Tyranitar will be best for or close to tied for best for 7 of the 11 ? Furthermore Golem is a dust pit, once Tyranitar or Rhydon get a rock fast move Golem will never be bast for anything. Well Tyranitar is going to be useful for a long time because of his base stats and future mega evolution!

 Omastar: Double resistance to fire, resistance to water and has double rock type attacks. The downside is both of his best moves, Rock Throw and Rock Slide, are both legacy, meaning you can't get them anymore. Even worse though his attack stat is even lower than Golem. In a race to knock out a pokemon juiced up on Gym Boss Steroids, choosing a 3rd best attacker for a fight isn't the best idea. Its a decent filler if you don't have enough Tyranitar and Golem to fill up the inventory.

   Conclusion: I gave more choices as fillers in this fight, the main reason because there are some decent second best or filler options.


   Lugia will be the 3rd highest base stat legendary pokemon in raid battles, however it is slightly lower base stats than a Tyranitar. It is a Flying Psychic type with an insane defensive stat. Unfortunately it doesn't have a double weakness to exploit like several of the legendary Birds. Tyranitar will be the best choice here once again, this time however Bite Stone Edge will be the best pick(since Lugia is weak to both attacks the higher DPS wins out) and Bite Crunch will be the second. This is pretty Simple choice, Tyranitar is resistant to both main types of Lugia and gets bonus damage(single weakness) with both Dark and Rock type attacks. 

   Conclusion: These legendary fights are dominated by Tyranitar(Most likely why Tyranitar was made a raid boss as a top tier instead of Dragonite!) , however just like in the match-up with Mewtwo there is an attack you should look out for, with Lugia it is Hydro Pump. This attack is Fast, hard hitting and will exploit Tyranitar's weakness to water. I feel like it only has this attack because Lugia goes in the water in a pokemon movie, haha!(although it could also be simply to wreck peoples Tyranitar attacking it in Raid battles!)


   Entei will be the highest base stat fire pokemon when he is released. He also has no double weakness due to his single Fire typing. He has some good options to use against him, the best are Tyranitar and Vaporeon.

   Tyranitar: Once again is a great pick, Bite Stone Edge is the move set to use. His massive base stats keep him as a pick for this fight, the downside here is no double weakness exploit. But his Resistance to fire, hitting for 1.4X damage with his charge move(Stone Edge) and simply having such high damage with Bite even without a weakness exploit keeps him as essentially a tie with Vaporeon for this fight.

   Vaporeon: Vaporeon ties in my opinion with Tyranitar here, the movesets of Vaporeon keep its DPS up, the stat balance of Vaporeon make it tanky(and the resistance even more so) and its move sets are fast to help you dodge incoming attacks(flamethrower will be rough!). Even with 1.4X damage, watergun barely falls short of Bite, however its EPS(energy per second is higher, which means it will be using its attack more often! Hydro Pump first pick and Aqua Tail second, if it has Water Pulse I would use a TM to change it if you plan to use it versus Entei. For this fight if you're planning to use multiple Vaporeon, use the Hydro first and save the Aqua for finishing it. Vaporeon has a lot of health, so it risks having energy lost at death much less. To make the DPS of a Hydro Vaporeon stay higher, swap to a new Vaporeon when it gets low enough that it wont survive for another charge move( to do this effectively, launch your Hydropump then immediately go to swap well the animation is going and repeatedly press the one you want to change too, this way it will swap as soon as possible and your tapping will immediately begin your attacking as soon as it is switched). 

Conclusion: Tyranitar you need to have for most of the other legendary pokemon bosses and  Vaporeon is the strongest water type in the game and will even continue to be the strongest even after the legendary dog Suicune is released! So you should either have a few, or you definitely need to get a few! Rhydon or Golem are decent choices here as well if you have them and don't have a full inventory with Vaporeon or Tyranitar.


   Raiku will be the strongest electric type when it is released. Raiku has only one weakness, Ground type. This leaves him with only one go too counter Rhydon. 

 Rhydon: hes the perfect counter for Raiku. Double resistance to electricity so he takes only half damage from attacks. He also has dual type ground attacks, Mud Slap and Earthquake. Rhydon with Mud Slap and Earthquake is the only choice other than just picking something with high damage, meaning Dragonite or Tyranitar.

   Conclusion: you might possibly think Golem, however Golem is essentially just a Rhydon with lower stats when it comes to ground moves. Rhydon has a higher attack stat and much higher overall base stats, along with them both having the exact same move sets for ground and both sharing the double resistance. Rhydon is the very clear choice here.


   Zapdos was another one of the pokemon I really liked growing up. Flying Electric type, has no dual weaknesses. We are going back to Rock type attackers here. Tyranitar and then Golem.

 Conclusion: We have already covered these attack sets and pokemon, Tyranitar will have more damage, Golem gets double resistances, however its base stats are much lower in their ability to take damage, so ide still go for Tyranitar and golem is again a filler. You might think Rhydon based on the match up for the electric type Raiku, however flying types only take 50% damage from ground, so this is a horrible choice!


   Moltress is dual type, Flying Fire. Its the exact same advice as given for Ho-oH. Other than available attacks and a much lower CP its the same fight as with Ho-oH.

 Conclusion: Enjoy the double weakness exploit to Rock.


   Celebi is a dual type Grass Psychic. That Brings a new pokemon into the arena of Raid Boss Battles, Scizor. Scizor is to Celebi what Machamp is too Tyranitar.. but Scizor is even better. Scizor not only gets dual weakness exploits with Fury Cutter and X-Scissor, he also resists almost every attack that Celebi has! In fact the only attack Celebi can get that he isnt resistant too is charge beam! So get a Scizor with Fury Cutter and X-Scissor!(an added bonus for the future is Scizor has a mega-evolution! So he will be useful again in the distant future!)

 Conclusion: because of the Psychic type of Celebi and the array of attacks he learns, Tyranitar with Bite Crunch is useful yet again(as fillers for spots not taken by Scizor)! Just watch out if Celebi has Dazzling gleam!


Mew is essentially a weak Mewtwo, that can learn a ridiculous amount of charge moves. The advice is the same for the two, except look at for a wide variety of attacks!

 Conclusion: Bite Crunch Tyranitar.. enough said.


   Articuno also suffers from a double weakness to Rock. Has a massive defensive stat. Just go with the rock pokemon, Tyranitar with Bite Stone Edge being the main choice again, I told you we would be seeing him a lot!

Conclusion: Bite Stone Edge Tyranitar.. again!


   Suicune weakest of all the legendary pokemon in the two generations. Sad to call this a legendary when compared statistically to Vaporeon. Weak to Grass and Electricity. Exeggutor with Solarbeam is the way to go! Jolteon with thundershock Thunderbolt is another good choice along with Venasuar with Solarbeam.

 Conclusion: Go with Exeggutor if possible, best stats and massive hitting Solarbeam! The primary attacks don't make a huge difference in their DPS spreads, so don't stress a ton on it!

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