Thursday, April 13, 2017

World Experience Challenge Record Holder Advice for Easter Event

Double Experience

   This is the best chance for players of all levels to make a serious push up in the levels. This is not only a GREAT  chance for players to level up, but because the event has experience eggs at half price it makes it very cheap to gain 4 x experience with the use of lucky eggs!

   My advice for this event is quite simple, buy lucky eggs in the largest quantity, since they are discounted you can get 25 for 625 coins. If you can afford it i would also recommend the incubators. The reason incubators are recommended are for multiple reasons, the first is the obvious bonus or incentive that Niantic has given by making RARE hatches appear in the lowest eggs 2KM. But I have other reasons, you will be getting 4 x experience for your hatches and extra candies, this bonus means a 10km egg will provide 4000 experience and possibly double the candies a rare hatch could give you! This will help you power up some of your strong tier Pokemon as your level goes up! But more than this, eggs provide a bonus to your stardust, with 4 x experience you're going to level up and you will need a lot of stardust to actually use the levels you're achieving with this huge bonus to experience! Now if you're on a budget go for the experience eggs, 4 X experience when youre paying half price on eggs is the largest bonus here and it is something guaranteed, egg hatching is always luck based and doesn't GUARANTEE you will get what you're wanting.

 Focus catching and evolving pokemon! Refer to my old guides on this if you need further help. Catching Pokemon and evolving them will reward you the most for your time invested!

What will the Worlds Best Experience Grinder be doing ?

 So what will I be doing during this event ? I have held the world record for experience in 24 hours since my attempt about 7 months ago, the world record stands at 1,796,665(non doubled exp), if this challenge had been done during an experience event this number would be 3,593,330( heres a link to an aritcle about my first challenge). Since I did this record spawn rates have been doubled, mass delete was added, bonuses to experience etc. Simply put a lot of ways to gain more experience have been added. I have wanted to break my record for a while, simply because I know I can do it, but with half priced eggs there's no better time than now for me to do it! I am going to put up an insane number for my 24 hour challenge, but more than this i am going to make a progression video on how much total experience I can gain in this week. I will be playing 6 of the 7 day event, how much experience do you think I can do ? What do you think the new world record will be when I complete my challenge ?
 I will have a video out going over my 24 hour challenge at the end of this week once I have time to recover and my footage is edited, look for my videos from the event on my Youtube channel, follow my channel if you enjoy my content and want to see actual game play and progression on how I achieve such insane experience gains! This will lead you to my channel and a really cool video project I made!

 Heres a quick video run over :)

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