Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pokemon Go Plus, how a Pokemon Master uses it

Pokemon Go Plus

   The Plus has both upsides and downside, depending on how you're using it it could either be a great benefit or it could be severely hurting your gains. In this article I will cover the upsides and the downsides and then explain strategies that will make the plus an asset to you instead of crippling your gains.

The Negatives

 The negatives and weaknesses of the plus are things that anyone with a Plus should know about, simply put, if you don't know you're going to get less experience, less stardust and miss a lot of good pokemon you probably didn't want to miss!

  1.  The biggest negative to the plus is its horrible capture rate, you never want to try capturing anything you actually want with it, because if you use the plus you're most likely not going to catch it!
  2. The plus limits the total experience you can get from a capture to 150 experience(non lucky egg), well manually catching can get you 260 experience(non lucky egg).
  3. Targets are randomly chosen and you cant cycle what its targeting.
  4. There is no way to cancel a Plus attempt, if you accidentally plus you better hope you're just lucky!
  5. It only uses pokeballs, which can suck when you have none yet you have a ton of another you wouldn't mind using your plus to throw away! This also requires you to hold pokeballs
  6. Something very annoying is it randomly turns of and its not easy to distinguish it its on or off when you're just leaving it on with your phone closed. This could easily be fixed with a play time button where you select how long you want it on for. 

The Positives

   There may be negatives but there are also a lot of great ways to utilize the Plus, if you use it right it can be a definite plus :)

  1.  The biggest advantage of the plus by far is that it can be used in a lot of situations where you might not have usually been able to manually catch pokemon or log kilometers! The Plus will work when your screen is closed or when you're doing something else on your phone!
  2. It can be used to collect stops well driving a loop.
  3. You can catch random pokemon even moving at speeds too high to actually get pokemon to pop up
  4. You can use it to catch pokemon you wouldn't normally attempt at, at the very least you will get 25 experience for them running from you, something is better than nothing!

My Strategies

Solo Drive stocking: This is a very simple thing to do. Start by going to a loop with lots of stops. Go into settings, select pogo plus, then uncheck the pokemon box and make sure the stops box is checked, then just drive your loops clicking the plus to collect items.
Ultimate Stocking Strategy: This strategy requires multiple people to be done effectively and safely.
 This Strategy is the best way to maximize your gains well farming items by far. Start by checking pokemon on your plus and turn off the stops, for both you and the person who is nice enough to drive! This is very simple you will manually turn stops well the plus will attempt to catch whatever happens to be in your path. This may sound counter intuitive to some, but here is why this works best. You can turn stops in hardly no time, well catching a pokemon is a much longer action and the plus wont target anything after you begin an attempt to catch something. However the plus can target things well you're turning stops. 
Anytime is Plus time!: This is Quite simple, there are lots of times when you cant actually manually play Pokemon Go. But at the very least you can have the plus on! Even if its just in your pocket you can get kilometers and if you happen to have something buzz you can hit the button and maybe when you can play again you will have some pokemon surprises in your inventory!
More Than you can Catch!: If you're moving through an area and there are more pokemon than you can manually catch before you pass by them, this is a good time to utilize the plus! 
Things you wouldn't normally try for: There are some pokemon that are just annoying to catch or things that players wont even bother with. If that's the case with a pokemon the plus targets, give it a click! You will at the very least get 25 experience and you will definitely catch some of the stuff you plus which is 150 experience and 100 dust. Something is better than nothing!
Ultimate Experience run: This is quite simple, well you're doing your evolution's keep moving and plus everything! You wouldn't be able to effectively do evolution's well checking everything that pops up or turning stops, so just hit the plus every time it buzzes and pick up some extra experience, items and pokemon :)


   The Plus definitely has its uses and can be used to increase your progress if used correctly. I am actually happy that it doesn't have some insanely high catch rate or some advantage that would actually discourage people from actually playing the game, lets be real, clicking a button isn't as much fun as actually throwing balls! 
 How do you feel about the plus ?

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