Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PokeBallin: The Pokeball Challenge

    This challenge is purely for the shock factor and for entertainment, if you're wanting to have the highest likelihood of capturing a rare pokemon DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT YOU SEE IN THIS VIDEO.

Each Tier of pokeball has a base chance to catch a pokemon, this base chance varies based on the difficulty of the pokemon that you're attempting to capture. For the hardest difficulty, indicated by a dark red circle, and seen on things like Dragonite, Tyranitar, or Blissey, the capture chances are as follows

Pokeball: 3%



  As you can see the base chance of capturing an Ultra Rare pokemon with a pokeball versus an Ultraball is half as likely. This is a pretty huge difference when you consider that a pokemon like Dragonite has a 5% chance to run ever time you successfully hit it with any type of ball.

 To increase your likelihood of a capture there are many things that you can do.

   Capture Medals: Capture medals increase the likelihood that you will successfully capture a pokemon of the type that you're attempting at. If you have all gold medals you increase the likelihood of a pokeball capture by 1%, with an ultraball the increase is 2%.

    Curve Ball: This is a skill based increase, this is also the only way that I throw balls. There is a bonus 10 experience awarded which is why it is always important to use a curve ball if you care at all about your level. More than this though, a curve ball increases the likelihood of a capture with a pokeball by 3%, or by 6% with an ultraball!

   Razzberry: This item can be fed to a pokemon to increase your chance to capture a pokemon. Once again a pokeball gains a 3% increase well the ultra gains a 6% increase.

   Conclusion: The difference between using a pokeball versus a Ultraball is that you're half as likely to capture a pokemon using a pokeball. If you're using a pokeball with a pinap versus an ultra with razzberry you have roughly one third the likelihood of a capture(7% versus 20%). Although I hope you enjoy watching this video, if you actually want to capture a pokemon I highly recommend that you use your best items!

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