Friday, April 7, 2017


 There are so many things in the game that with minor adjustments could make the game so much more user friendly and more enjoyable for people to play. However I want to cover this issue in particular because players need to stand together and demand this. They wont listen to a single player but if we all make it known hopefully they will listen.

Pokemon storage

   I am going to start here because this has been a VERY frustrating thing for me and MANY MANY players. We had access to 1000 spaces since the release of the game as time has passed players obviously collect more pokemon, especially when attack sets change and you then have legacy pokemon and new attack sets to collect. Many players before the second generation was released were already close to max or nearing close to max inventories. Then they release a whole new generation but on top of this they make TONS of old attack sets legacy, so not only do you have an entire new set of pokemon to collect but now almost all of the top tier pokemon have new attack sets to collect. Even if you only wanted one of each of these sets you're talking about HUNDREDS of new pokemon. But you cant just have one, theres ultra rare pokemon like unown has the entire alphabet to collect.. not to mention when you find multiple of a super rare pokemon .. you don't want to have to just throw it away, you want to have it to trade for something you don't have in the future, this doesn't even take into account you need TEAMS of pokemon both for attacking other teams gyms and you need entirely different sets to level them. To do this efficiently you need a whole collection that is going to make you effective versus every type of pokemon. Then add gym defenders on top of this.
 Whats the issue here ? cost for a little more storage space on their servers? BAG SPACE COSTS MONEY, THE MOMENT THEY MAKE IT AVAILABLE PEOPLE WILL BUY IT. This is something they should have prepared for knowing that they were releasing new pokemon, knowing that a lot of players have been collecting pokemon in other games, pokemon cards etc, a lot of players are here to collect! They have spent time and money, lots of them a TON, and now they have to delete their pokemon ? Or what not participate in new sets of pokemon.
   I play a lot and I come across a lot of extras of pokemon, I have even spent entire rotations collecting multiple extras of pokemon with the intention of giving them to my little brother who i grew up with playing pokemon with, hes in PA school and doesn't have time to actually go out and farm nests. Or my daughter who's favorite thing is to battle gyms but wouldn't enjoy walking in circles for 8 hours for a chance to possibly get a right attack set. Then there are countless other amazing ideas that players I know have been saving or collecting pokemon for. Like collecting pokemon for the kids at the childrens Hospital who aren't in the physical health to go to nests. Many players have worked hard, spent money and have collected pokemon with intentions for those pokemon. Every new pokemon I get I have to choose something amazing to delete. I understand that they haven't released trading because they are having issues with their server security.. but stop making people throw away their hard work and money they have invested in this game that they enjoy. I think almost every player has something they intend for another person, or something they don't want to delete that they would much rather give to someone because it would make them happy.

Item Storage

   I have already written a lot because I feel strongly about this and really want others to help get the message across to Niantic to SELL us more storage.. seriously never thought I would have to write a blog to try to help convince a company to SELL me something haha.
   Item storage is the exact same common sense thing as pokemon storage. we had 1000 spaces, they released 2 new berries and a whole set of evolution items. With more items taking up space it further limits a players ability to actually play the game. This is super detrimental to players that don't happen to live in some insane pokemon location. Many players have to drive to areas to attain items. Gyms even require far more items to battle versus as they made gyms more difficult by making pokemon on gyms attacks proc based off of damage received, not to mention they made charge moves much faster which means even highly skilled players are using way more items per gym(don't get me wrong this promotes group play and it makes gyms actually fun to play against). But with added items, needing more items to gym, etc its once again a common sense thing to allow players the ability to get more storage.


   For everyone who read what I had to say I appreciate it, even if you aren't in this position with your inventory please help support this, the best part about this game is the community and a lot of people in this community are dealing with this issue and I can speak from personal experience it sucks! How do you feel about this ? Do you have any ideas that you think might get Niantic to listen ? Please comment and share.


  1. I couldn't agree more with this, with 250+ Pokémon and only 1000 spots makes it extremely difficult to manage all the high level Pokémon we use and not to mention if you're working hard to win gym battles, you need more potions, revives, and pokeballs. For the massive amounts of Pokémon there and limited space to store Pokémon and items, makes it incredibly difficult to play the game well. To be up front an honest, we need at minimum 4 times the storage amount that we do currently have especially with legendaries and gen 3 Pokémon coming soon. Please let us have more storage so we can play this game we all love so much.

    1. I completely agree! I think 4000 spaces would be amazing! but honestly I don't see them giving us that much, but honestly why not ? Many player would pay for it, i know i would immediately max both bags! I have days I burn 900 balls, restock and then completely burn them again. Or for instance when i take trips to different places, i dont want to spend large portions of my trip looking for or farming items haha! I would be happy with 1000 increase every generation, thats what we started with at least give us that!

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