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New legacy Pokemon You Should Save!

New Legacy and what they were replaced with

  With the new update we saw a massive amount of changes not only with the addition of new pokemon but also to existing pokemon, not only what attacks that they can and cant get but also all the attacks were reworked. This makes some pokemon super useful and some of these super useful pokemon unable to be attained anymore.

#1 Dragonite

   Dragonite had many moves that became legacy with this update, his fast move dragon breath was switched for Dragon Tail. Dragon tail has better DPS and EPS but its much slower animation makes him more vulnerable to attacks(dragon breath is a .5 second animation to dragon tails 1.1)


Dragon Claw: is the king of both attacking and defending for several reasons, first off its an insanely fast animation of 1.7 seconds and secondly it got buffed from 35 damage two bars to 50 damage 3 bars.

Dragon Pulse: Dragon pulse went from is still a two bar but its damage was increased to 90 damage.


Hurricane: 110 damage with a 2.7 second animation. This makes this the strongest flying type attacking moveset for any pokemon in the game. This will be a very useful move set if youre wanting a pokemon with flying type attacks. Dragonite with Hurricane will be the king of flying type attackers until we get Ho-oh, however since we still are get to get the legendary pokemon from generation 1 he will most likely be the king of flying types till next year. The downside to this attack is that its the lowest damage output for the bar of any of dragonites charge moves, as the closest for the bar is dragon claw or hyper beam which are 40 damage more at 150.

Outrage: 110 damage with a 3.9 second animation. This is the most damage for a bar we see 220 however it is the slowest animation that dragonite can get. since its only slightly longer than dragon pulse with a slightly higher dps, this becomes dragonites new best two bar attack.

#2 Gyarados

   Gyarados has two new charge moves and one new fast move. Dragon breath was made legacy long before so no new legacy moves for fast moves. The two moves that are now legacy are Dragon Pulse and Twister. Dragon tail was added with no fast move being deleted, since dragon tail hits harder 15 damage, it is a better move for a gym pokemon since gym pokemon are restricted to set attack times instead of spamming as quickly as a trainer can make them attack. Bite is still a far superior fast move for attacking with Gyarados.


 Dragon pulse: Dragon pulse as previously stated was buffed to 90 damage for a two bar

 Twister: This attack got a major reworking, it went from 5 bars too 3 bars but went from 25 to 45 damage, an overall increase for the attack. more than that though its a 2.8 second animation and its fairly hard to dodge, making it a great defending move set.


Three new moves were added depite only two being removed, this was due to an early removal of Dragon Breath with no replacement! These replacements are Crunch, Outrage and Dragon Tail

Crunch: is a harder hitting move than twister at 70 damage, however it is a slower animation at 3.2 seconds. This is a defensive move set.

Outrage: This was previously covered on dragonite, the only difference between the two is dragonite has STAB( same type attack bonus).

 Dragon Tail: This is the new king of defensive primary moves for Gyarados, although its far inferior as an offensive move.

#3 Tangela

 Tangela only had one move made legacy, power whip. This move got a massive increase in power and a tangela with power whip vine whip is one of my favorite trainers!


 Power Whip: Power whip recieved a massive buff, going from a one bar 70 damage move to two bars 90 damage each. More than this it is only a 2.6 second animation!


 This move becoming so powerful and becoming legacy may be pretty disappointing if you dont have several of these! However cheer up! It was replaced with Grass Knot, it is the exact same damage, bars and animation time, its just not a collectible move set!

#4 Exeggutor

 Exeggutor lost both his fast moves and kept all of his charge moves, which all got buffed. Confusion and Zen Headbutt are both now legacy for Exeggutor, which were replaced by Bullet Seed and Extrasensory.


 Confusion: this is the best defensive move for Exeggutor and now you cant get it, this will be a very valuable legacy.

 Zen Headbutt: This move is now legacy however it went from the best attacking move for exeggutor to a useless move, because it is neither best for attacking or defending. Please hear this though, this is still a legacy move so it will be collectible, plus you never know how future updates will modify these moves so you should still hang on to these!


 Bullet seed: This is a welcome change as it finally makes Exeggutor the king of grass types officially, before he had no grass type primary, so he was rivaled by Venasaur as a top pick for a grass type despite is severe CP disadvantage. This attack has a fairly low DPS of 9.09, but what makes this attack really viable is its huge EPS of 12.73 and a respectable animation of 1.1 seconds. Which 1.1 seconds is equal to Zen headbutt. The massively higher EPS will make the real damage that Exeggutor does over time much higher. 

 Extrasensory: This move makes Zen Headbutt obsolete as an attacking move set as its DPS is equal to Zen Headbutt and its EPS is higher at 10.91 to zen at 9.09. I will still save my legacy zen attackers i had, because they are collectable, but i would choose Extrasensory to actually use in battle, or at least until the next time they restructure attacks!

#5 Parasect

 Parasect whether you knew it or not has always been an insane training pokemon and mostly due to his bugbite solar beam combo. This is one of my favorite training pokemon and probably one of the pokemon I use most frequently when training. The only move he lost is Bug Bite which was replaced with Struggle Bug.


 Bug Bite: this move is 12.5 DPS and has an insanely high EPS of 12, this balance for his fast attack, combined with its short animation of .5 seconds, play a huge factor in why i choose parasect to beat pokemon well over two times his combat power. Bug Bite Solar beam was an insane combination before the update, which only made solar beam even stronger. This is an extremely valuable pokemon for any player who likes to play on gyms.


 Struggle Bug: this was the replacement attack for Bug Bite, it has the same DPS of 12.5, however it is inferior in every other way, it has an attack animation of 1.5 and a EPS of 10. This change makes parasect way less usefull! A 1.5 second animation, leaves him way more likely to be hit by attacks and the lower EPS reduces his overall damage output by a huge amount!

#6 Arcanine

 Arcanine has for a long time been the strongest fire type pokemon, with the highest CP and the best balance of stats for a fire pokemon. Arcanine has two legacy moves for charge Flame thrower and bulldose. For quick attacks he has one legacy, bite which was replaced by snarl. Arcanine's charge moves were replaced with Crunch and Wild Charge.


 Flame Thrower: This move was already the best defending move set, also for many players it was still the move chosen for attacking(myself included), this is due to the much lower animation time leaving your pokemon less vulnerable. It recieved a major buff as its now a 70 damage two bar move with a 2.2 second animation.

 Bulldoze: this move saw a major reworking as it moved to a two bar 80 damage. Its still not great or really that useful because its a ground attack on a fire pokemon, also because of its long cd and the fact Arcanine has flame thrower, which does more damage with the STAB, its not a great choice for usefulness Although it is now collectable!

 Bite: this was the fast move that was replaced, it is inferior to Fire Fang in both DPS and EPS, however it is only a .5 second animation which makes it useful for avoiding attacks


 Wild Charge: this was a replacement for flame thrower, the two bar that was lost. It has a high DPS considering even without STAB it does 34.62 DPS, also its decent for the fact that it would get bonus damage versus water types, however ground can be used to counter Arcanine as well, which ground types are strong versus electric attacks. So this move set would be a waste to invest in.

 Crunch: this is the replacement for a spam move, which bulldoze used to be before the update which made it a two bar.  Three bars at 70 damage, would be a good attack on a dark pokemon for defending, but with arcanine being weak to so much of the top tier and him getting no stab, this attack set wouldn't be that useful.

 Snarl: This move is superior to bite in EPS, however it has lower DPS and over twice as long of an animation 1.1 seconds to bites .5.

#7 Snorlax

 Snorlax: lost by far his best defensive move and lost his best move that will be used for future battles, Body slam. It was replaced by Heavy Slam.


 Body Slam: This move gained a massive buff with the update, making it a three bar 50 damage move, which he gets STAB on. You might be wondering why experience players rate body slam so high, when you consider its DPS is 32.89 compared to hyper beams 49.34. The reason is very simple Hyper beam has an animation that is twice as long as Body Slam, 3.8 to 1.9. When an attack is easily dodged  you can to consider that the actually damage it will be doing is going to be this reduced amount which is 37.25. The probability that a player attacking a gym will successfully dodge every body slam with its 1.9 second animation is extremely low, unless they player is extremely skilled well also being lucky if they are using any pokemon that isn't using extremely fast animation attacks as well.


 Heavy Slam: This is the replacement, it is a two bar 70 damage attack, it has a 2.1 second animation. This is still a pretty good defensive move set with its slightly higher dps 33.3 and only having a slightly slower animation. The real difference is that its a two bar instead of a three, so it wont spam as much as Body Slam.

#8 Gengar 

This update replaced two of Gengar's charge attacks and one of his fast moves. He lost Shadow Claw for fast moves, Sludge wave and Dark pulse for charge moves. They were replaced with Hex, Sludge Bomb and Focus Blast respectively.


 Shadow Claw: This move is going to be valuable as it has one of the highest DPS for any fast move and it also has good EPS and a quick animation time of .7 seconds. This attack combined with even shadow ball(two attacks normal types are resistant too) is strong enough to beat blissey before the timer, even using a far lower CP... pretty OP. Too bad he is such a lower stat pokemon or he would be the top choice for attacking for many players!

 Sludge Wave: This attack is very strong 110 damage 3.2 second animation. Although Sludge bomb replaced it and is a better attack! So collectible, but not a best move set!

 Dark Pulse:  3 second cast, two bar 80 damage, strong but without the stab and a longer animation time its a far inferior attack to Sludge Bomb! Once again collectible but this move has no practical use!


Hex: This move has a far lower DPS than the legacy move it replaced at 10.42 versus Shadow Claw at 16.07, the only upside is it has a huge advantage in EPS at 12.5 versus 8.57. What really makes Shadow claw so much better is its combination of both a much higher dps and a way shorter animation time of .7 seconds versus hexs 1.2!

 Sludge Bomb: This is a best attack set for charge moves for Gengar, both by raw numbers and intuitively. It is a two bar attack with 80 damage and it has a quick animation time of 2.3 seconds with a DPS of 43.48. 

 Focus Blast: This is a heavy hitter at 140 damage at 40 DPS. Pretty slow animation though at 3.5 and with no STAB on a pokemon with low CP its pretty useless. Gengars Huge Attack stat will make it hit pretty hard, but its definitely not a great move set for this pokemon!

Notes Please Read!!!

 I am aware of all of the Legacy moves, this guide is far from complete. I am posting this so people can get the information as I have time to add to it. I will try my best to complete this guide as i dont want trainers deleting legacy pokemon they wont be able to collect in the future other than from trading, which legacy pokemon will be very valuable to someone collecting them! So they wont come cheap! I wont have time to go back through every place I posted this, so either check back or i will post updates on my Facebook page, i will simply post that i have made additions on my comment on my page. There are a lot of Legacy pokemon with this new update, some of them are just things i wouldnt even waste inventory space holding, i will get to these last. 

 I have included the explanations about each move and their replacements because this information will help you regardless of whether or not you happen to have a specific legacy pokemon!

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