Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dealing with blissey

 Dealing with Blissey, The new King of the Gym

Blissey is by far the strongest gym pokemon since the update simply because of its massive HP and its attack combination with its Normal Pokemon type.
 I have seen it recommended that players should use Primape or Machamp, this is a terrible idea and i feel bad for players who have spent resources on these pokemon. Blissey has raw stats that are far too high for either of these pokemon to deal with especially when you consider that 1 of the 2 "fast" moves that blissey has is Zen Headbutt a psychic type attack, which fighting type pokemon are weak too. Also Blissey gets Psychic which will destroy Either of these two pokemon, in a fight where levels are equal a machamp(the better of the two) will lose versus a blissey with zen psychic, and even without either of these attacks he will barely survive if the player successfully dodges every attack. Since Blissey has so much health you cant dodge its fast attacks or you will end up timing out well fighting it with most pokemon. So if you use a fighting type pokemon, even if you successfully beat it you will go through multiple pokemon and not efficiently beat the gym unless you're at a lvl advantage, then best case scenario you will barely win.

Pokemon To use Versus Blissey

Top tier

 Top tier is comprised of pokemon I personally would choose to use, these pokemon will beat a Blissey with no problem once you use them a few times, and most of them can suffer failed dodges and still come out victorious. The whole focus of a trainer wanting to build a strong battling team, should be to have a team of 6 pokemon that can take down a lvl 10 gym by themselves. Using top tier pokemon you can beat a blissey and then still beat another pokemon. These pokemon actually carry their weight in a 6 versus 10 fight in a gym. Focus on these pokemon, if there is a nest farm it, if you see one nearby go for it. Vaporeon is the easiest to acquire, if you cant get a dragonite, tyranitar or gyarados get several vaporeon, I sometimes will use three Vaporeon when I attack a gym. In fact all of these top tier i list i would use multiple of them in my inventory versus many gym builds! These pokemon will not only be great choices for gyms now but they will be top picks for trainer battles in the not too distant future!

 Dragonite: The Best pokemon to deal with a Blissey is a Dragonite, it has fast attacks and deals insanely high amounts of damage regardless of the type of pokemon it fights against. Against a Blissey and with the new update changing Dragonites moves, any dragonite will take out a blissey if you simply dodge its charge attacks and dps when its using just its fast attacks.
 Take note that even when a dragonite fights against a blissey with Dazzling gleam he will have more life left than a machamp fighting the same blissey well both dragonite and blissey are the same lvl(this is assuming you dodge the charge moves, because no pokemon will survive eating the attacks of Blissey and successfully beat it).

 Tyranitar: this pokemon will also easily deal with a blissey, with its massive attack stat, good HP, high defense, and the fact that it will be resistant to the normal type attacks and psychic type attacks that blissey can be equipped with(pound and Hyper Beam, zenheadbutt Psychic). Tyranitar would be best attacking Blissey if it had Bite and Stone Edge(it is fast with a high DPS) or Bite Crunch(crunch has a larger raw damage output but crunch leaves Tyranitar open to attacks for larger periods of time). Bite will generate more EPS(Energy per second), do more damage, and is a fast animation so it will make dodging easy! Stone Edge Tyranitar gets STAB with and its a very fast animation. I don't even have one yet so i understand most player wont have access, but i still have to cover this pokemon.

 Gyarados: This is one of the best attackers you can use versus blissey, however only with one attack set, "Bite" "Hydro Pump". Gyarados is an excellent choice because its high damage attack sets with good EPS fast moves and STAB on its charge attack with its high attack stat. It is also a very balanced pokemon with attack:237 defense:197 Stamina:190 This is another Pokemon that may be hard for players to get unfortunately though, since it requires so many candies to evolve.

 Vaporeon: Since not all players have a dragonite and probably very few have Tyranitar at this point, my next suggestion is something that every player should have, if you don't you are able to get one guaranteed through the Easter egg hunt by naming a Eevee "Rainer"( this only works once so make sure to use it on a high IV Eevee). There are two attack sets that will efficiently take down a Blissey with a Vaporeon, either Hydro pump or aqua tail. Hydro pump hits harder for its one bar making it nice because it only has to be used one time for the single bar, Aqua Tail is an insanely good move since the update as it is only a 1.8 second animation and does 50 damage with 3 bars, this is a great attack for attacking as well because the full bar will do 150 damage and its insanely quick animation leaves little chance for a pokemon to land a large attack on you. Vaporeon would be my #1 recommendation for most players for several reasons, first off it is easy to obtain, second 2 of its 3 possible attack sets are going to make dealing with blissey easy, third it has a very high HP stat combined with good attack and defense, meaning it will not only be able to do enough damage to take down a blissey, but it will also be able to take a bunch of hits! It is still very important to dodge the large attacks! Blissey is the best defending pokemon because even when using a Top tier pokemon its gauranteed to do a good amount of damage because you have to focus on dealing damage or you wont beat it before the timer expires. So even when using a dragonite, your dragonite will suffer a lot of damage!(or any other pokemon). Vaporeon is a very balanced pokemon for a top tier pokemon attack:205 defense:177 Stamina:260. Vaporeon has been one of my favorites since the beginning and has only gotten better with the update! It is by far the strongest of the Eevee evolution's and all players should try to get a few of these!

Middle Tier

 Middle tier are pokemon that can be useful to defeat a Blissey, although they are not proficient or a best choice, they have some other factor that already makes them valuable to a trainer, so it puts them into a category where powering them up wont leave a trainer with a pokemon they invested in that inevitably they will find to be useless.

 Rhydon: He has good things going for him versus a Blissey, he is resistant to normal type attacks, hyper beam and pound. He also has massive stats and a well balanced spread of those stats. The reason why this top tier pokemon falls into the middle tier is for a few reasons. First off both his attacks are slow animations, and the one that gets a weakness bonus doesnt get STAB so the DPS and EPS isn't that great. More than this, because he has slow animations he is likely to get caught by many of the charge attacks, or he will spend lots of time not actually dishing out his mediocre DPS. Rhydon is a top tier defender, there is no contesting this with his heavy hitting primary attacks and his hard hitting and quick animation Stone Edge, just his attack combinations dont tanslate well for an attacker. I use Rhydon as a gym defender and all but 1 of my Rhydons have wins.. and I have a lot of them! More than this, most players might not know this, but Rhydon has a future evolution "Rhyperior", so when pretty much every pokemon we currently have becomes obsolete because future generations are so much stronger, Rhydon will just evolve and be right back at the top of the food chain!

 Golem: With this update Golem became way stronger and more viable as an attacker due to the increase in the strength of "rock throw". The DPS is very respectable and is actually higher than both mudslap and rocksmash for effective DPS over a Rhydon, despite Rhydon having far superior raw stats. Golem is actually a useful pokemon because he is strong versus a dragonite if he has Rock Throw and Stone edge. Also with his resistance too normal type attacks and the fast animation of both Rock Throw .9 seconds, and Stone Edge 2.3 seconds, he is actually a pokemon I would use in my personal arsenal. I enjoy using the double ground of my legacy Golem, Mud Shot + Earthquake and i now enjoy my max Rock Throw Stone Edge. This still isnt something that i would power as a priority, however it is a good pokemon to add to your arsenal with the nerf of Lapras he is a top contender for a counter to Dragonite, him being mediocre versus Blissey just adds more usefulness to him with this attack set.

 Exeggutor: This pokemon has a good attack stat and a much better HP than Alakzam or Espeon. Its highest damage output settup is Confusion and Solar beam(this is now legacy) this combination gives the highest damage output due to confusions high DPS and Solar Beams high damage. Since we had an event just before Confusion became legacy on him you may have one, however a confusion Exeggutor is a better gym defender than attacker! Luckily Exeggutors new attack sets, although they lack the DPS of confusion, they make up for it with the high EPS of their new attacks. Exeggutor makes a more legitimate choice to power up over a Machamp, because Exeggutor is good versus a wide variety of common pokemon that are on gyms, Vaporeon, Rhydon, Golem, and he would be decent versus a Tyranitar(He wont be an optimal choice versus Tyranitar because Tyranitar is a Dark type along with rock, so he will do extra damage to Exeggutor), for these reasons I once again suggest focusing on getting a Vaporeon first as its great versus Rhydon, Golem and Tyranitar and will beat a Blissey with plenty of life remaining to take out another pokemon or at least take out a large chunk.

If you dont have a top tier

 This group of pokemon are pokemon that have the attack power and attack sets to win in certain scenarios or are able to barely get the job done. This could include pokemon that will take blissey down successfully if they are a higher level or simply if the Blissey doesn't have an attack set that that pokemon is weak too.

 Espeon: This pokemon has an amazing attack stat(only about 10 less than Dragonite), this combined with a hard hitting "Confusion"15.63, and "Future Sight" 55.56 make it so that it can beat a blissey before the timer. The problem with Espeon is it has very low HP. On the Bright side its resistant to psychic attacks. This still isn't something to focus on getting, trainers should only get lower tier pokemon once they already have all the top tier they need maxed out and sufficient gym defenders.

 Alakazam: This Pokemon has an even higher attack stat than Espeon and can get Confusion and Future Sight, it however has an even lower HP stat, it will beat blissey before the time but may take 2  of them to accomplish the job. Alakazam will also be resistant to psychic. Once again this is a pokemon i do not reccomend to focus getting. I want you to focus things that will help you to beat a gym solo, not something that will require multiple pokemon or will barely get the job done!

 Machamp: Machamp is able to beat a Blissey under correct circumstances, these mainly being that the blissey doesn't have psychic. If the Blissey has Psychic and zen headbutt unless the Machamp is a much higher level he will not be able to solo the Blissey. Even best case scenario if a max Machamp fights a Max Blissey and the blissey does not have psychic he will barely win the fight assuming you don't get hit by any of his charge moves. This is a very poor decision to invest stardust in a pokemon specifically  to fight a pokemon that it can only barely beat and cant even beat it if it has a certain attack set.

Primape: This pokemons stats are so bad that it never should have been suggested as a viable counter for a top tier pokemon like Blissey. CP is an output of a pokemons overall stats, Primape maxs over 1000cp under blissey. The only way Primape wins vs a Blissey is at a severely high level advantage. This is plain and simply a waste of resources, dont ever invest in a primape unless it recieves an insane stat boost, which it never will because its not a popular pokemon, never has been and never will be.

You might be wondering why I don't have a primape here. The answer is simple, i have way too much good stuff to even clutter my inventory with even a legacy primape. They are garbage, the only reason to catch one is for experience and stardust.
Notes and Conclusion

 I am not going to go into every pokemon that can beat a Blissey well suffering many causalities, simply because you should all focus on getting the top tier instead of investing your valuable resources into things that wont be very effective! If you don't have any of the top tier focus on Vaporeon, because it is the easiest to obtain and two of its 3 attack sets will work for taking down Blissey. I also suggest focusing on Vaporeon not only because it is the easiest to obtain, but also because soon Tyranitar will be in every gym you fight against, Vaporeon is the best counter against tyranitar as well, because it has a water fast attack and water charge attacks. So Vaporeon will do extra damage to Tyranitar because of his "Rock" type" well also being resistant to his quick move "iron tail" and his fire move "Fire Blast". Also Gyarados may be more effective vs Blissey but it will be less effective vs Tyranitar because Tyranitar will be resistant to his fast move "Bite".

 Nothing will beat blissey without taking a decent amount of damage, its just not possible because over time the small hits will add up, that is why its important to use pokemon with a good balance of stats, well also having enough damage output to beat it before the timer ends. Don't be discouraged by these gym monsters, consider it a new challenge to learn how to deal with :). You will learn how to dodge its attacks and be knocking them out of gyms soon enough now that you know what to use. Also remember to use team work if you can! Pokemon go was meant to bring people together!

 You should take note that although it is possible for a machamp to beat blissey, it is simply not the best choice, it will suffer more damage even when not fighting against a blissey with psychic. Also the usefulness of machamp is very limited and he isn't a best choice against anything. A vaporeon for instance will absolutely destroy Rhydons, golems, or Tyranitar and be able to go through several of them if you're not hit by charge moves. When I invest resources into a pokemon I want it to be as useful as possible, I dont want to be investing resources in a pokemon that will barely beat one pokemon, when I could have invested in a pokemon that could go through two or three. Machamp is way better than he was before the update but he still falls far short of many other choices. Exeggutor is in the same position as vaporeon in the fact that it will beat every pokemon that machamp will and he will do it more efficiently.

 Take note, I have limited time and work on these when i find time. I have listed the most frequent choices and the best picks. If you have something you would like me to add please comment and I will add it when I have time!


  1. all great information but you suggest using alakazam well 2 actually but thats the same reason you say not to use machamp or primeape. I think that you are right that all of these will be able to beat a blissey before the timer. however a good machamp/primeape with the right moves will do the same. with my 2000 cp machamp I can beat any blissey with just him. I even beat 2 blissey with just him that were 1900 and 2100 cp so basically same level. they didn't have psychic or i couldn't have. but even a 3000cp blissey with both psychic moves I have beaten by dodging all the attacks and still had 30 seconds on timer. i miss several dodges but still make it. half of the ones you listed a lot of people don't have but machamp should be easy to get. while others would be better against blissey with psychic its still not hard and a blissey normal moves i use less potions than most of the others you listed.

    1. Thank you jeff thatcher for commenting. I understand that machamp and primape will beat them given correct play and CP matchups. I honestly made this guide before work quickly, because i had gotten a lot of requests, then finally another person asked and i had a little time before i had to go to work. I need to give more explanation so people understand my suggestions and i need to include a explanation for machamp as well. I honestly just only had time to make what I did. I have tomorrow off and will complete it. But to give a short explanation, i dont want people to focus on the lower tier, i want people to focus on what i actually see as useful! I only suggest as top tier pokemon i myself actually use or would use myself(tyranitar is who im refering to here! One Day ill walk enough candies and get a good larvitar! haha). When ive done 5000 plus battles in the last month, and would never choose a pokemon unless its simply for testing i cant possibly advise a player that may only be able to power one pokemon up to power something i wont use. I am foremost and have been a solo player main through my 20 plus years of gaming, I want to beat a strongest lvl 10 gym possible anytime I want by myself. You cant do this when your pokemon barely defeats one pokemon if you play it perfectly! Also I am splitting my time between working on this guide and getting a comprehensive guide on new attack sets and legacy pokemon( i really dont want a bunch of player deleting their super valuable or super useful pokemon!).

    2. almost forgot to answer a part of your question, vaporeon easily beats blissey and can even take a few hits failed to dodge on the charge attacks and still win. This is also one of the strongest pokemon in the game versus top gym defenders. it is one of my most used pokemon! Also i recommend it highly because every player can get one guaranteed through the naming trick which i believe I mentioned! Also furthermore, when Tyranitar becomes a pokemon on every gym if players follow this advice they will already be beating it with no problem :)
      I consider my advice greatly and think of the big picture( i have trainer battles in my mind since day one as I began this game to compete for leader boards which were promised and for competitive play)

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