Friday, January 6, 2017

How to advance as a trainer basics

    In order to be successful in Pokemon Go, like anything in life you must know your goals. Using this guide will help you find the most efficient way of achieving your goals while gaining a better understanding of the games mechanics. This guide will cover gym battling, hatching and catching.

Gym battling

    Gyms are by far the worst method of advancing as a trainer. The reasons for this are quite simple, you are only gaining two of the four things that a trainer needs, dust and experience. Even if a trainer already has all of the Pokemon and corresponding candies, this is still a very poor method for advancing. The reason for this once again is simple, although you can gain experience every time you battle a gym you only gain dust by collecting which is limited to 5000 dust(the equivalent of catching fifty Pokemon, or approximately hatching five eggs). Dust will by far be the most limited resource for all trainers. Focusing on this method of advancing will leave a trainer unable to power up their Pokemon(once you are level 30 you wouldn't even be able to afford one power up per day). Even the experience gained from gym battling is poor and cant be maintained constantly. Gyms do provide the only way a trainer can gain Pokemon coins other than through purchase. However the value of 100 coins even bought in the lowest increment(the most expensive method) only costs 99 cents, if the players main reason for playing gyms is to attain coins the player should consider if they are really getting the most out of their time and money when they factor in transportation costs. The only reason a player should focus gyms is because its fun(the coins and dust should just be seen as a bonus)! Its the only way we really get to play with the Pokemon we have worked hard catching, hatching, walking and training(powering up).


    Hatching provides everything that a trainer needs to become stronger and advance. It provides experience, stardust, Pokemon(with a higher chance for a higher iv) and candies for the Pokemon hatched. Hatching is a far better focus for advancing than gym battling as it provides everything that you need. To maximize this form of gain a trainer must constantly purchase incubators as running just the infinite incubator will provide minimal gains. Running eggs at maximum efficiency with all nine slots full you will average about 6 hatches per hour (this will vary based on randomized eggs received), netting an average 3400 experience, 70 candies and around 2900 stardust. Remember this is at optimal speeds and assuming you can constantly refill your eggs instantaneously(hypothetical, not realistic). Even at this rate if everything ran perfectly all the time it would take over 100 hours to go from level 20 to 24 (350,000 experience)! To reach max level this would take approximately 5882 hours or 245 days of non stop playing! Certainly not how I did it and I definitely wouldn't recommend! Hatching should be seen as a good way to boost progress, gain extra resources and increase chances for high iv Pokemon and hard to get candies.


    Catching is by far the most important and crucial aspect of advancing as a trainer. Like hatching, catching provides everything a trainer needs but more efficiently and without requiring purchases. Every Pokemon catch provides 100 stardust, 3 candies (for the Pokemon caught), between 100 to 210 experience, and of course the Pokemon. In an area with a sufficient amount of Pokemon a player should easily be able to achieve 1 Pokemon catch per minute (my 8 year old can do this), which means a player would be getting 6,000 dust, 6,000 to 12,600 experience, and 180 to 240 candies (240 would be total after transferring all the Pokemon). With correct techniques and a good location players could be receiving double this amount of catches so double the gains or 12,000 dust, 12,000 to 25,200 experience and 360 to 480 candies. Catching is what I have focused on and what I would advice all trainers to focus on if they want to advance in levels and get stronger Pokemon.

    I hope you found a new understanding for each of these activities and how they can best benefit you in the pursuit of your goals as a Pokemon trainer. To maximize your gains from your time invested refer to my detailed posts on these topics.

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