Monday, January 16, 2017

Gym Basics

    In this guide you will learn the basic information you need to more efficiently and effectively take down gyms, build them up and hold them longer. More comprehensive guides will follow in the future going into more depth on attacking gyms, building gyms and group strategies. 

Basic Information

    Gyms are a way that we get to test out and use the Pokemon that we have worked so hard to attain and then power up. The gym system also gives a bonus of extra Pokemon coins and stardust that we are able to collect once every 21 hours. You do gain experience from battling gyms as well, however focusing gyms for experience is a poor method of progressing, this is covered in a previous guide. There are a few things that you should know.
  • a maximum of 5 players may be active on one gym at a time
  • Capturing a gym provides 3 spaces for Pokemon with no further training required
  • You may gain a maximum of 1000 prestige per Pokemon defeated when training
  • Gyms reach a maximum level of 10
  • Max collect for gyms is 10 gyms, however players may hold as many gyms as they are able too.
  • Collecting from gyms is the only way to get Pokemon coins besides through purchase.

Taking down gyms

    Taking down apposing team gyms is both a fun activity and an essential skill for efficiently collecting Pokemon coins and bonus stardust. In order to do this effectively there are a few things you should know.
  • Working in groups will make gyms much easier as everyone can attack the same Pokemon making it go down far quicker. This also gives it less time to attack back, which will reduce the difficulty and the amount of items it consumes to accomplish the task.
  • Exploit Pokemon weaknesses to further increase your effectiveness when attacking. This is a large subject and will be covered in detail in a future guide.
  • Look through the gym before beginning the fight so you know what Pokemon to use and what order you should have them in. This can help you be more efficient and use less items. If you know you might have a Pokemon faint 2 Pokemon into the gym, it would be smart to have a Pokemon that is going to be good versus the Pokemon that is in that position in the gym. This prevents you having to switch Pokemon and take extra attacks, well allowing it more time to charge attacks, or simply having a bad match up!
  • If you're fighting a gym with a group, call out attacks, this prevents multiple players from wasting charge attacks that could have been saved to more efficiently take down the next Pokemon in the gym.

Building Gyms

    Building gyms is an essential skill for every player that wants to partake in the gym system. Without knowing a few basic things players can end up investing tons of time without accomplishing much of anything! Some basic stuff you should know.

  • Taking down a gym will allow 3 players to drop a Pokemon without further training.
  • For training just like attacking a maximum of 5 players may be on the gym at one time.
  • Training unlike battling is done solo.
  • When training it bases the CP for prestige rewards off of your highest CP Pokemon, so it is essential you use Pokemon of relatively same CP
  • The most amount of prestige that can be added is 1000 per Pokemon defeated, this is accomplished by using all Pokemon that are half the CP of the Pokemon being defeated.
  • If you don't have the Pokemon or skill to use half CP Pokemon of what you are fighting, if you use Pokemon that are equal or less than the Pokemon on the gym you will gain a minimum of 500 prestige for each Pokemon defeated.
  • When using Pokemon great than the CP of the Pokemon on the gym players will receive as little as 100 prestige per Pokemon defeated. Meaning as low as one tenth, meaning it will take up to ten times longer to train this way.


    After reading this guide you should be ready to go start conquering some gyms and then build them up efficiently. Look for future guides where I will go into more detail on strategies for making your gym time more efficient and effective!

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