Monday, January 9, 2017

Evolution's for Experience

    In this guide you will learn when to evolve your Pokemon, why its so important to focus low candy cost Pokemon and how to maximize your gains even on a budget(even for free to play).

When to evolve your Pokemon

    The basic strategy for evolving Pokemon is quite simple, collect enough Pokemon and corresponding Pokemon candies to evolve non stop for 30 minutes(the length of a lucky egg). There are a few things that you might want to know that will help you maximize your gains.

  • You want to have a minimum of 80 Pokemon ready to evolve before you start a set of evolution's. I was able to evolve about 80 Pokemon when I was doing evolution's and I usually do evolution's well watching television( not the best method for maximizing experience, but my point is you should be able to do 80 easily).
  • To do your evolution set efficiently you should use a stopwatch, alarm, or at least pay attention to what time you start. The reason for this is simple, you don't want to waste time checking how much time you have left and you also don't want to be evolving after the egg is already done. 
  • If you're truly trying to level as efficiently as possible don't ever evolve until you have a full set to evolve! That lost 500 experience for each evolution will add up very quick! In the future I will explain the rest of the reasons for waiting even when your experience isn't an issue. Patience in Pokemon like life is definitely a virtue, in general the more you wait the stronger you will be as a trainer!
  • To make your evolution's even more efficient rename every Pokemon you plan to evolve with ( ' ) this will line them all up at the top when you sort by name. This makes it so you don't have to waste time scrolling through Pokemon you don't need to evolve.

Importance of catching low evolution cost Pokemon


    In order to maximize your time played you need to see the whole picture and the true effective value of everything that you do. The true experience value of every Pokemon you catch is the catch experience and the evolution experience added together.  
  • Tier 1 Experience Pokemon (12 candy evolution): Are worth the catch value(100 to 210 base or 200-420 with egg) plus the evolution value(500 base or 1000 with egg). Since evolving a Pokemon returns 1 candy the effective cost per evolution is 11 candies. So each Pokemon caught in this category gives you 182 base or 364 with egg(numbers rounded), experience on top of your catch experience.
  • Tier 2 Experience Pokemon (25 candy evolution): Once again worth the catch experience and the evolution experience. With one candy return for the evolution the effective cost is 24 candies. Each Pokemon caught in this category provides 83 base or 167 with egg on top of the catch experience.
  • Tier 3 Experience Pokemon (50 candy evolution): With an effective evolution of 49 candies we receive 41 base or 82 with a lucky egg.

    You may not see these gains when you're catching them, but when you're doing evolution's more frequently and your level is skyrocketing you will definitely begin to appreciate these Tier 1 and 2 experience Pokemon if you don't already!

Maximize your gains

    If you care at all about increasing your level you need to be using lucky eggs every time you do evolution's for several reasons.

  • Evolution's provide the most experience that is most easily controlled. A Pokemon cant run from you or attack and slow down your evolution set, besides bad luck with server or connection issues you should be able to get about 80,000 experience with every egg.
  • You can ensure that you will have enough Pokemon to get the most out of your entire egg. with catching even in ideal locations we can sometimes have gaps in Pokemon which will leave our egg ticking away well gaining no experience.
  • You can further increase this bonus by timing it with your first catch and stop turn of the day. Have your evolution's ready travel to a stop with a Pokemon, pop the egg, turn the stop, catch the Pokemon, and then do your evolution set. It is key to turn the stop, then catch the Pokemon, then do your evolution set. You don't want to have to estimate the amount of time it will take to catch the Pokemon(which the Pokemon could also disappear). Turning stops is something that should always be complete first as well when we are hunting, a stop is something that can done very quickly and the sooner we turn it the sooner we can turn it again!

    For players that are on a budget or don't want to purchase coins this is the best way to maximize the coins you do have. If you don't have coins to purchase eggs then save, well you're saving you will be stocking candies. To get the most out of your coins save for 25 eggs for 1250 coins as this is the best deal and will provide two million experience(one million extra). Saving candies is actually beneficial as if you have saved a bunch of candies you will be able to use up some of those eggs much sooner since you will just have to collect the Pokemon to evolve. I had no problem spending money but I still chose to reserve using eggs for evolution's(except for experience challenges). My reasoning for this is I didn't want to over boost my level with eggs and end up in a position where I didn't have enough stardust to power my Pokemon up to the levels I was reaching. Everyone's goals are different though so do whatever makes you happy!
   One other thing I would like to point out is in earlier levels if you save your eggs just for evolution's and do only full sets you shouldn't find yourself in need of eggs other than ones received for leveling until you're in the high 20's. In the future I will make a comprehensive guide for all the levels.


    After reading this guide you should now have a better understanding of the crucial goal that evolution's have in advancing in levels, have a clear picture of the true value each Pokemon is worth, and have some strategy that will help you maximize the gains you're already working for!

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